Interview series

We interviewed philosophers doing science communication and invited science communicators to talk to philosophers. Funded by the American Philosophical Association.

Interview with Henk de Regt

Lakatos Award-winning philosopher Henk de Regt talks about scientific understanding and the communication of science.

Interview with Sam Illingworth

We asked Dr. Sam Illingworth, Senior Lecturer in Science Communication at Manchester Metropolitan University, for 7 starting points. (originally posted in our Medium channel)

Interview with Elizabeth Hannon

Elizabeth Hannon shares her experience doing public philosophy as a "midwife for philosophy" at The Forum and the BJPS.

Angela Potochnik and Melissa Jacquart talk about their approach to science communication as philosophers of science and introduce us to their university’s Center for Public Engagement with Science

Interview with Orsolya Bajer-Molnár

Evolutionary biologist Orsolya Bajer-Molnár talks about the role of science communication in understanding and dealing with emerging infectious diseases.

Interview with Michael Weisberg

Philosopher of science Michael Weisberg discusses how philosophy of science impacts his approach to public engagement projects and what it is like to organize collaborations with scientists, students, and stakeholders.